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It’s Apparent . . . It is better to give than to receive.

I’m thankful that God initially gave freely!  Through that example, I am challenged often to remember to love as Christ loved, and give as Christ gave!  When God entrusted His Son to come to this earth, to be born to die, He was giving us what we didn’t deserve, but desperately needed—salvation! To further that […]

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It’s apparent … We have much for which to be thankful!

It’s apparent … we have much for which to be thankful!  Many times, in the middle of discipline, discussions, or decisions which need to be made that surround our children, we can become discouraged in the process of parenting. Please be reminded—and be thankful—for the privilege of being a mentor and a discipler, rather than […]

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It’s apparent . . . We must continually be reminded of God’s truths

The child Samuel was born as an answer to his mother’s prayer.  She wanted a child so badly, and up to the time of her petition she had not become pregnant.  God, in His kindness, blessed her with a son, Samuel.  When he was very young, she took him back to the Temple to live […]

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It’s Apparent . . . We need to serve the Lord with gladness

Customer service is wonderful when it really is a service. When you are perhaps in a departmental store and you look for customer satisfaction—and it is not provided—doesn’t it make you feel that the customer service department is really not wanting customer satisfaction? We should consider the same principle when we think of serving God.  Teaching […]

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It’s Apparent . . . we need to build on the right foundation!

Rearing children will be one of the most difficult efforts—yet one of the most rewarding efforts—you will ever be involved in! As you do this, your foundation for rearing them will come under greater and greater scrutiny, and you will find this to be a tremendous base that you will go back to over and […]

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It’s Apparent . . . we have work to do

As I consider the necessity of raising up worshippers of the one true and living God, it yet brings parenting into an even more important role and responsibility. I am afraid that too often parents consider the importance of rearing a child who can perform chores around the home, excel in academics and athletics, and […]

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